Are Any Condiments Safe to Keep After a Power Outage?

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Q: Here in the northeast a lot of us have been without power for days. My power just returned on this morning after being out for more than 85 hours. My question is this: what open condiments would you still keep after this period of time and what would you throw out? I’ve already disposed of any dairy based condiments, but I’m hesitant to toss my jams, mustards, vinegar-based dressings and sauces such as BBQ sauce.

Sent by Jen

Editor: Jen, this is a hard question — the most technically correct answer would be to pitch everything after such an extended period without power. A refrigerator only chills things for about 4 hours after the power goes out. You can see more safety tips and links here:

So, personally I would probably throw out a lot of this, just because it’s hard to know exactly how and when a bottled condiment will spoil, and getting sick is not fun.

Readers, what do you think? Would you keep anything? If so, what?

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