Appliances, Gadgets and Tools: Not My Worst Problem

published Oct 2, 2013
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I have a weird kitchen. At first glance, it looks pretty big. Then you start trying to put things away. My kitchen has surprisingly little storage space. (I have sexy, sexy fantasies about remodeling my tiny laundry room and adding a large pantry. These fantasies involve a handsome contractor…and winning the lottery.) This kitchen was designed for people who like to entertain and also enjoy the services of caterers. It’s a moot point, because I can’t really afford catered affairs, but I really like to do it myself! I pared down when we moved here, so this Kitchn Cure task wasn’t a huge challenge.

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I did cull a few doubles. Do you need any of them? They will be at our local Goodwill soon, probably at a pretty good price.

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The questions about what to keep and what to give away weren’t too tough. The harder questions were things like, “Who in the heck puts away a dirty oyster knife?” Yes, Dirty. I mean, really? I asked my husband about that one. I didn’t really ask, I told him he did it, because it definitely wasn’t me and the kids probably wouldn’t have known where the oysters knives went. The culprit, who was not given a fair trial but is totally guilty, pleaded “no contest” and will not do it again. He’s a lawyer, but I watch a lot of Law and Order, so I easily won this round.

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I really wasn’t sure about these silicone fish poachers and I leave it to you, Kitchn readers, to decide. Are they even fish poachers? In theory, they are cool, but there are five of us and two of them. Also, I know how to cook fish without them. Should I keep them or not? Does it matter that I’ve had them for several years and have yet to use them? I think I know the answer here.

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I managed to make some things less irritating. I had the brilliant idea of storing my whisk with a rubber band around it. I have two shallow drawers to store gadgets and tools, and one deeper one, which is filled with things I rarely use. The whisk was constantly getting stuck when I opened a shallow drawer. Hooray for simple solutions!

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Everything fit into the drawers well enough. I do have a canister of often used items and wooden spoons on my counter, but I’m good with that. Okay, we don’t actually use the Sorm Trooper spatula often, but it makes me smile. My before (above) and after (below) really aren’t that different. The after version is just a little easier.

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As for appliances, I only have the ones I use: a stick blender, a food processor, a mini chopper, a citrus juicer, a regular juicer, a slow cooker, my mom’s hand mixer and my ChipShot, from the makers of SaladShooter. So, yeah, I don’t use the ChipShot all that often, but it’s awesome, it’s discontinued and it makes excellent chips — ruffled and regular — so it’s staying.

Are you a gadget hoarder or do you stick with what you need? What would you have if you had more space? (One day, I will have a KitchenAid mixer.)

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