The Smartest (Hidden!) Kitchen Design Trend You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

published Jan 27, 2024
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a black coffee bar with gold handles on the drawers and a pull out tray for the coffee maker, etc

Appliance garages are back and better than ever for 2024! As the name suggests, this incoming kitchen trend is essentially a designated storage space for your appliances. Think of a cabinet specially crafted to house your microwave, or a storage spot for your blender. When done well, appliance garages can blend in seamlessly with your cabinetry, effectively hiding clunky kitchen contraptions from view. Overall, you’ll have a sleeker and more unified kitchen.

But, where to start when it comes to hiding those appliances in plain sight? Here are some brilliant ideas for styling an appliance garage in your kitchen that will inspire you to get creative with your storage solutions ASAP.

Credit: Trisha Spouse

1. Long Vertical Cabinets

Transform your long cabinetry into a vertical appliance garage that houses your microwave up top and regularly used appliances like a coffee maker or toaster on the bottom. This way, all your gadgets will be together in one place. You can also utilize neighboring storage cabinets or shelves to hold kitchen items that would typically be used with these appliances like coffee beans, sugar, and bread. (Just make sure that there’s an electrical outlet installed at the back of the cabinet to hide any plugs.)

Credit: Faith Durand

2. Coffee Station

If you’re looking to have a space that’s solely used for morning brews, you can dedicate an entire cabinet to creating a makeshift coffee bar. Place your coffee maker on the bottom and stock the top shelves with coffee grinds, tea bags, and sugar. Make sure the cabinets are deep enough so you have plenty of room to prepare your drink of choice.

3. Roll-Up Doors

Also known as tambour doors, roll-up hatches get pushed upwards (or sideways) and roll to the back of the cabinet. The door will be completely out of your way and will provide you with some extra counter space. This type of door is especially great for bulkier devices like stand mixers, rice cookers, or air fryers. (The one pictured is from Omega National Products and is totally customizable.)

4. Lifting Door

Instead of having swinging cabinets, lifting doors will provide easy access to appliances you use on the day-to-day without them being in the way. Your space will remain free of clutter and provide more counter space as you raise and lower the door at your leisure.

5. Pullout Tray

Incorporate trays that function as a drawer so you can easily pull out the appliances when you need them, and push them back inside the garage when you don’t. Rather than sliding the appliances out on the counter, having them already situated on a platter that pulls out will offer an effortless way to move gadgets around.

Credit: Faith Durand

6. Lights

Including some motion-activated lights, like LED strips, will give the appliance garage a more sophisticated look and adds a layer of functionality. With all the gadgets tucked away, identifying buttons and switches may be a bit of a challenge on the eyes — especially if you’re reheating a mug of tea or whipping up a late-night snack before bed.

7. Glass Doors

Not all appliance garages have to completely hide your kitchen tools. Storing your appliances behind glass doors can add a chic design element and will make your storage solution look more intentional. If clear glass feels a little too visible, you can also opt for a cloudy glass front that will slightly conceal what’s behind the doors.