Funky Picnic Dessert: Apple and Maple Verrine Canadian House & Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apples… Maple syrup… Yes, we’re aware that it’s June, not November. But seeing as apples are still plentiful in the markets in New York and this recipe comes from our friends up in Canada, it isn’t such a stretch. Plus, it’s put together in such an inventive way—perfect for toting to a picnic. That’s maple jelly in the bottom of the jar, by the way.

Another thing that makes this dessert feel more summer than fall is that it’s served cool. You chill the maple jelly in the jars, then top with soft, glazed apples (that have also been cooled), bits of sugary crumble, and whipped cream.

This looks like one of the most interesting trifles we’ve ever seen, and although the process might involve several steps, the ingredients are probably things you have on hand. Simple food displayed in a very special way.

Apple and Maple Verrine Recipe, at Canadian House & Home (from the cookbook Meals for Every Occasion by Ricardo Larrivée)

What do you think? Would you serve something with these ingredients in June?

(Image: Christian Lacroix for Canadian House & Home)