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Apple Pie Fries Are the Tasty Spin on the Holiday Favorite You Didn’t Know You Needed

published Oct 20, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman
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Truth be told, I am the biggest sucker for french fries. I truly can’t get enough of that crispy, salty goodness and even when I’ve eaten too much, somehow, I always have room for more. From the made-at-home recipes to the remakes of fast-food favorites, all styles of fries are welcome in my book, and it’s hard to choose a clear favorite. 

Recently, though, I stumbled upon Josh Elkin’s Instagram post where he debuted his recipe for apple pie fries and it really caught my attention. Dessert-style french fries? I knew I had to check this one out. Although the name itself makes the recipe immediately jump out, the best part about it is that he uses only five ingredients — which means you could be enjoying this delectable, minimal-effort treat in no time at all. Sounds like my type of recipe!  

Begin by adding applesauce to a large mixing bowl, before throwing potato starch and sifted all-purpose flour. Once that is mixed together, transfer into a piping bag or a large zip-top bag. Next, heat up some cooking oil to about 350°F and once ready, use the piping bag to squeeze out strips of applesauce batter into the oil. Let those fry for three minutes or until beautifully golden-brown. Remove from the oil and let dry on a wire rack.

In another mixing bowl combine sugar and cinnamon together. Toss your newly formed apple fries into the mix, sifting around until completely covered. As a result, you’ll get the perfect snack to cure all of your apple-loving needs.

In my opinion, apple pie fries are seemingly the perfect appetizer for the upcoming holidays. I, for sure, know I’ll be adding it to the menu for my next fall or winter gathering!