15 Apple Names That Could Be Baby Names

(Image credit: Tim Chin)

You know the old saying: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Especially not if you name your kid after an apple. With over 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States annually and 7,000 worldwide, we’ll be darned if there aren’t some choice baby names among them. Aside from conjuring happy memories of orchard hopping, an apple-inspired baby name is sure to be a hit with teachers and pediatricians alike. What’s not to love?

Here are 15 baby names inspired by your favorite fall fruit.

15 Apple Names That Deserve to Be Baby Names

With some clues to what it says about your offspring’s life arc.

  1. Honeycrisp: Sharp as a tack and sweeter than honey.
  2. Gala: A yogi in training who came out of the womb craving acai bowls.
  3. Crispin: Sure to be big on books and bigger on compulsively organizing his sock drawer.
  4. Jonamac: We’re not sure what it says about your kid, but you were definitely a huge Jonas Brothers fan.
  5. Braeburn: Primed to be a future GOP presidential frontrunner.
  6. Cameo: An affinity for hide and seek will lead to an illustrious CIA career.
  7. Idared: Creative and adventurous. A huge wilderness fan.
  8. Macoun: Doomed to spend the first three minutes of meeting anyone explaining the pronunciation of his name.
  9. Fuji: Totally radical and avant-garde with a passion for surfing.
  10. Cortland: Will often be mistaken for a cul-de-sac.
  11. Rome: What’s chicer than naming your baby after the eternal city?
  12. York: Cosmopolitan by birth, until they realize they’re named after York, Pennsylvania. Good in its own way!
  13. Baldwin: A science whiz with a wild side.
  14. Tydeman: A die-hard sports fan with a heart of gold.
  15. McIntosh: Destined to work at an Apple store. (We had to!)

What’s your favorite apple variety? Would it make a good baby name?