People on TikTok Are Mixing Tequila with Apple Juice — I Tested It to See What the Deal Is

published May 16, 2024
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Glass of apple juice with ice next to bottles of Martinelli's Apple Juice and Lunazul Tequila.
Credit: Andrea Rivera Wawrzyn

I love a good cocktail. While I’m no mixologist, I’m always keen to try a new cocktail recipe that combines flavors in a way I’ve never tried before. So, when I heard about the hack going viral on TikTok — mixing tequila with apple juice to mask the flavor of the alcohol — I was skeptical. In the name of science (but mostly out of curiosity), I had to try it for myself. Would it really work? More importantly, will it even taste good? Here’s what I found.

How I Tested

Before we get into it, a quick note on ingredients. I used Lunazul blanco tequila and, what I consider to be the Cadillac of apple juice, Martinelli’s. If you’re going to mix up a two-ingredient drink, both of those ingredients should be good quality. 

Never one to conduct an unscientific experiment, I tried this a couple of ways. After watching a few different TikToks, some of which claimed that a mixture of half tequila to half juice completely masked the flavor of the alcohol, I decided to try that first. I mixed 1 ounce of each in a glass and took a few sips. The tequila flavor was not only noticeable, it was apparent. 

Undeterred, for my second attempt I decided to try mixing this concoction up more like a traditional cocktail. Referencing a ratio for a Cape Cod (another simple juice plus alcohol 2-ingredient cocktail), I mixed 1 1/2 ounces of tequila with 5 ounces of apple juice. While this mixture was undoubtedly more balanced, the tequila flavor still came through.

Credit: Andrea Rivera Wawrzyn

So, Does Apple Juice Mask the Flavor of Tequila?

Nope. In both versions of my test, the flavor of the tequila came through quite clearly. Using a higher ratio of juice to alcohol resulted in a more palatable mixed drink, but the tequila was still very much present. A big part of taste is smell, and lifting the glass up to my mouth, the smell of the tequila immediately wafted into my nose. Apple juice alone is not enough to mask the strong flavor of tequila. It tasted … fine, but it’s certainly not something I’ll be pouring for myself again. 

Here’s the thing. If you’re drinking a mixed drink or a cocktail, I think you should be able to taste the alcohol. There are plenty of options out there for people who want to drink without feeling like they’re drinking, but for me at least, that’s not the point. If I’m pouring myself a cocktail it’s to enjoy the balanced flavors of the alcohol along with the other ingredients, not find a way to cover the alcohol up. If you don’t like the flavor of alcohol, instead of attempting to drown it out with juice, maybe just try a nice mocktail instead.