Apartment Hunting: Is Proximity to a Grocery Store Important?

(Image credit: Flickr member KitAy)cc by 2.0

When looking for a new apartment, we foodies often have a long list of “ideals”. We want ample counter space, decent storage, good natural light, and a gas stove, too, if you please. After all, we’re spending a lot of time in there! There’s one other factor that we might not always think to consider: how close the place is to a grocery store.

My fiancé and I have been in the throes of apartment hunting these past few weeks. Proximity to a grocery store wasn’t one of our original criteria, but the more we searched, the more important this came to be. It was never upgraded to the deal-breaker category, but distance to the nearest grocery store (or co-op) was definitely something we were sure to note.

We finally did find a great place, and as luck would have it, there’s a grocery store less than two blocks away! I couldn’t be more thrilled. At our previous apartment, we had to drive to the grocery store, which limited us to one shopping trip a week and meant that we had to be careful to plan out all our meals. That wasn’t a bad thing, but we’re curious to see how having a store so close by will change our eating and shopping habits.

Is living close to a grocery store important to you? Would this become a factor when looking for a new place to live?

(Image: Flickr member KitAy licensed under Creative Commons)