Apartment Hunting: A Checklist for the Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We get a little smarter – and pickier – about what we look for in a kitchen every time we move. During this last round of apartment hunting, we came up with a list of things we wanted to check, consider, and evaluate in every kitchen we saw. Take a look at the things we thought were important!

None of these things are actually deal-breakers by themselves, but rather they help give us an overall picture of the kitchen. Asking ourselves these questions as we walk through helps us to visualize ourselves there. We also tend to see what’s great and overlook the not-so-great (or vise versa!), so going over the list gives us an objective view.

How is the counter space? – Is there enough space for appliances? Will there still be room to work? Will the counters be easy to clean?

How is the storage space? – Will everything fit in here? Would supplemental shelves be needed? Where would things go?

How is the general layout? – Does it make sense? Is there a logical place for everything? Where are the fridge, oven, and workspace in relation to each other?

How is the light? – Is there a window? How’s the overhead light? Would there be enough light to work by at night? Is the stove area well-lit?

How are the aesthetics? – Would this be a pleasant place to cook? What are the cupboards and counters made of? Does this kitchen feel cared for?

How would it be to entertain in this kitchen? – Would it be crowded? Is there only room for the cook? Does the kitchen feel isolated? Is this good or bad?

Check the appliances – Do they function? What kind of stove is provided?

How close is the nearest grocery store?

What other factors do you consider when evaluating an apartment kitchen?

(Image: Flickr member ndanger licensed under Creative Commons)