“Apartment Crawls” Are the New Happy Hour Trend I Can Definitely Get Behind

published Jul 15, 2023
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Ever wake up after a night out with friends to find the only thing hurting is… your wallet? While long summer nights practically call for a warm-weather happy hour bar crawl, cocktail prices are higher than ever. But fear not! There’s a new, budget-conscious drinking trend making the rounds (pun intended!) that recreates the jaunty, wandering joy of a bar crawl without the financial sting of multiple $20 martinis — and all it takes is a few willing hosts, easy batch cocktails, and simple snacks to make your very own “apartment crawl.” 

What Is an “Apartment Crawl”?

This ingenious idea came to us via a TikTok video from @eattastedine. In short, an apartment crawl is the low-key, creative way to enjoy a few beverages with friends without battling intense, wall-to-wall happy hour crowds (we’ve all been to that rooftop bar), fighting for seats, or shouting “WHAT?!” over the enjoyable-but-slightly-deafening bar soundtrack. And, you can save money. 

The first step? Pick a crew of willing hosts. While you can aim for a set of friends that live near each other, there’s also the option of bouncing between far-flung homes with the bonus of getting a few extra steps in! Once you’ve settled on an itinerary, each host picks their own signature beverage to share along with accompanying snacks. 

You can choose to customize your “bar” as much as you’d like, while still keeping things manageable. Keep it simple with a make-ahead cheese board and a few bottles of vino. (Check out our

wine and snack pairing recommendations for $20 and under

big-batch pitcher cocktails to add flair without a lot of hassle. If you’d like to keep your happy hour even more low-lift, you also have the option of setting up
a DIY cocktail station to let your guests bartend to their hearts’ delight. Want to go the extra mile? Decorate with a few festive touches (and if you don’t know where to start, feel free to consult our

The best part of an “apartment crawl”? Sharing hosting duties with your nearest and dearest, trying a few new cocktails, and catching up without fear of overdrafting your bank account. After all, money saved = more cash = more happy hours! Cheers! 

Inspiration for Your Next Apartment Crawl: