The Free-to-Download App That’s Made Me a Better (More Organized!) Grocery Shopper

updated Jun 18, 2020
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Like many of you, I’m constantly juggling multiple grocery lists, charting to-dos, and tracking reminders to keep my household afloat. Because of this, I’ve long been searching for a tool to keep me on track and organized. After years of test driving list-making apps, I’ve finally found one that helps me stay on top of everything. The app that’s made all the difference? AnyList.

This specific app has helped me save so much time, money, and mental energy — I say this having tried a lot of high- and low-tech tools including the old-fashioned pen-and-paper method, Evernote, and an array of digital tools. I’ve also tried the basic Notes app on my phone, but I’ve accidentally deleted too many lines, too many times. For me, this app is easier than carrying a paper list because it’s always with me, never gets left on the kitchen counter, and doesn’t go missing in the abyss that is my purse. Best of all, it helps me get in and out of the grocery store as fast as possible, which is more important than ever right now.

What Is AnyList?

AnyList is an app that makes list-making incredibly easy and intuitive with three built-in rubrics: a grocery list that comes pre-loaded with departments, categorized lists that allow you to customize your own sections, and a basic list. I mainly use it for grocery shopping, although you can make lists of all kinds, including vacation packing lists and home project organization lists as well.

AnyList also allows me to shop in conjunction with meal planning. I simply upload recipes to the app, assign the recipes to a day of the week, scale them if necessary, and add ingredients to my grocery list.

The 4 Features That Make AnyList My Favorite App

  1. AnyList is a recipe box, meal planner, and list-maker all in one. Every list that keeps your life running is in one place, so there’s no more jumping from app to app.
  2. It also tracks pricing. The app can also help you stay on budget by logging prices. I split my grocery shopping between Costco, Aldi, Publix, Trader Joe’s, and local markets. AnyList helps me keep track of which store has the best prices. A feature that I haven’t explored yet is that the app can also tally the cost as you shop so there aren’t any surprises when you reach the register.
  3. Ingredients combine automatically. If three recipes each call for garlic cloves, AnyList will now combine them into a single line item (it’s a feature in the app’s new update!), summing the total quantity.
  4. Lists are shareable. Share individual lists, like the grocery list, with family, friends, or roommates (so everyone can pitch in!), while keeping other lists private.

Download the app: AnyList

Note: The app is free to download. There’s a paid version ($9.99 per year) that allows you to add even more info for each product, but I recommend trying the free one first to see how you like it.

The best way to get started — and avoid being overwhelmed — is to add information incrementally. Don’t feel like you have to set aside an entire afternoon to upload all of your favorite recipes, research pricing, and add product images. Start by adding items you need to pick up this week. Every time you add a product, add a little bit more information. If you’re standing in the store and remember to snap a photo, add it to the app. The more information you add (over time!), the more helpful the app will become to you.

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