This Editor-Loved Microwave Cookware Now Comes in a Beautiful New Color

published Oct 25, 2022
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I’ve never considered myself a control freak or a Type A personality. Instead, I like to leave extreme organization to the perfectionists of the world and prefer to do just enough to keep myself — and my space — in line. That being said, I’m a stickler for aesthetics. When I see ugly product packaging (or some of the dinnerware at my mom’s house) it’s hard for me to turn a blind eye.

One area that consistently remains an eyesore for me is my fridge, which is perpetually stacked with mismatched plates, pots, and Tupperware containers covered with plastic wrap. For years, I’ve thought that there has to be a more stylish storage solution for leftovers. Well, I’ve recently come to find that there is! The brand Anyday is a staff favorite at this point, thanks to its unique, microwaveable cookware that’s not only ultra-versatile, but also visually appealing.

For the upcoming holiday season, Anyday has released its prized pieces in an opulent jewel-tone shade. (The Emerald Collection is actually more teal in color, but eye-catching nonetheless.) Now, you can cook, serve, and store all your meals in these cohesive containers. The best part is that when you’re ready to reheat them later, you can just pop the same dishes in the microwave. And, don’t worry: Despite the silicone and stainless steel, the bowls won’t create any problems inside the appliance. Although the collection launches today, you can already score the set at a discounted price. With it, you get two deep dishes and two shallow dishes in a large and medium size, as well as a cookbooklet with recipes. The medium starter set retails for $65, and the large starter set for $85.

Even if you put aside the new colorway, there’s so much more to be excited about. For instance, each bowl is stackable and has an airtight lid that prevents microwave explosions — plus, you can cook virtually anything in them. And, there’s no need to transfer food into different containers when entertaining, either, since these will look fantastic on the tabletop. The frosted glass is a nice touch visually, and it can handle high temps without cracking. As a result, whether you’re storing leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, hosting a party, or looking for a quality Christmas gift, the Anyday Emerald Collection is up to the task.

Buy: Emerald Collection Everyday Dishware Set, $135 (normally $150)