Any Tips for Cooking Foods You Don't Like?

Any Tips for Cooking Foods You Don't Like?

Hali Bey Ramdene
Mar 30, 2016
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Q: Do you have any helpful tips for cooking foods you don't really like, but your significant other or family member does? We can't all be cooking only the foods we like, can we?

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Editor: This is where recipes really help. When you cook foods you enjoy, you can taste as you go, but if you're preparing foods that you'd rather avoid tasting, let alone eating, a trusty recipe can help you get to a delicious end product. If you have a few recipes that you make often, even if they aren't recipes you like, you'll learn them and know what they're supposed to look, smell, and feel like. Taste, of course, isn't the only sense we use to cook. Another option is to find ways to make cooking a collaborative process — especially when it comes to preparing recipes or foods you don't particularly enjoy.

Kitchn readers, do you prepare foods for your family that you don't enjoy? Do you do it once in a while or routinely?

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