Any Ideas for Toppings and Sides at a Pancake Party?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: My daughter is turning two next month and we’ve decided to host a pancake brunch. We’ll have maple syrup, of course, and probably some fruit, but what else should we serve as toppings? Any ideas for something a little adventurous?

Also, what should we serve alongside the pancakes? I’m the cook and I’m a vegetarian, so bacon and sausages are out. Any other ideas?

Sent by Jenny

Editor: Jenny, what a great idea for a birthday party! Here are some tips for hosting a crêpe party, which includes some topping ideas (hello, chocolate ganache!) and tips:

As for sides, I’d go with something light and refreshing, like a simple fruit salad or yogurt topped with fresh fruit.

Readers, what toppings and sides would you suggest for a child’s pancake party?