Any Advice for Campfire Cooking?

published Feb 3, 2016
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Q: My family and I (husband, 4-year-old daughter, 1.5-year-old son) are leaving for a year-long trek across America to visit our National Parks. Yay!

I’ve been booking our campsites, and while we do have a tiny kitchen with a stove, oven, and microwave in our 200 square-foot RV, many of the sites don’t have electric hook-up. We’ll be staying on average five to seven nights at these locations. We’re used to eating healthy, non-prepackaged meals. Any helpful recipes or advice on food options to bring for those weeks where we’ll only really have a fire for cooking? Thanks!

Sent by Katie

Editor: Whether you’re cooking indoors, or outdoors over an open fire, it’s my belief that you can make pretty much anything with a really great cast iron skillet. You’re bound to use it numerous times and for numerous meals, so be sure to bring one along.

The Kitchn has previously covered campfire cooking, and there are some real gems of advice that speak to your question. Tina and Phil from the blog 30 Bucks a Week shared their tips for easy, frugal campfire cooking with the site, and it’s still some of the best advice around.

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Here’s the gist of it:

Since you’re probably cooking over a campfire, you don’t want any recipes that are going to require precise temperature control or that won’t handle a little bit of char gracefully. Finally, you’re going to want at least one thing you can roast on the end of a stick.

Kitchn readers, how do you whip up healthy campfire recipes?