Antonio Ballatore’s Funky Fresh Warehouse Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I think of Antonio Ballatore I imagine bright pink and bold design. Luckily, those two things can be found throughout his house and more specifically in his kitchen. He’s created a funky and fresh kitchen that meets all of his needs and makes a huge impact.

Who doesn’t appreciate the fact that he took the hot pink goose that made him famous and splashed it on the giant wall in his kitchen. If you look closely you’ll actually see that very goose hanging in the center of the wall! Your eye is immediately drawn to it and the pink really sets the tone for the whole space.

The repurposed wood is the epitome of what Antonio is all about and really creates a vintage and rustic vibe along side the brick wall and wood beams. There’s ample storage below that is almost hidden and just simple metal shelves in the corner for dishes. I love the simplicity of the shelves and concrete counter tops along side the stainless steel appliances. The punch of pink on the walls and little pieces of artwork add so much interest and personality to the space without looking cliche.

(Images: Bethany Nauert)