The Best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats You Can Buy Right Now

updated Mar 27, 2024
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Credit: Emma Fiala

For those of us who find our moments of zen in the kitchen with a recipe in hand and mountain of ingredients ready to be lovingly melded together for a delicious meal, there’s not much that can beat it. But no matter whether you’re a dedicated home chef or a once-in-a-blue-moon cook, we all know one thing to be true: Hours spent on your feet meal prepping and cooking can take a serious toll on the body. The solution? An anti-fatigue kitchen mat.

What Is an Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat?

Unlike your traditional kitchen rugs, these mats are thick and multi-layered, designed to provide cushioned support to your feet, legs, and lower back. Ready to test one out for yourself? We rounded up 10 of the best anti-fatigue kitchen mats on the market today, including a variety of picks Kitchn staffers can’t live without.

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House of Noa

If there's one anti-fatigue mat we swear by, it's the Standing Mat from House of Noa. A favorite of multiple Kitchn editors, this high-quality mat has also earned a spot on our Kitchen Essentials list for years now! Available in multiple sizes and colors, you'll love the look and feel of this easy-to-clean mat.

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For an affordable find, check out the Kangaroo mat. Another Kitchn favorite, it's also a customer favorite with over 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon alone! Choose from a range of colors and sizes to find the perfect version for your kitchen.

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was $27.84

When most people think of an anti-fatigue kitchen mat, a plain black mat is typically the first thing to cross their minds and well, there's a reason. Take the FEATOL anti-fatigue mat for example. Made of an advanced comfort PU foam (which combines the advantage of gel and memory foam) this mat may be simple but it's also high-quality and designed to last.

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Rugs USA

Over the years, anti-fatigue kitchen mats have only gotten better looking. Case in point: this Rugs USA find. Featuring a beige woven herringbone pattern, it's easily one of the most stylish options we've come across!

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If there's one motto we live by, it's in Ina Garten we trust. A favorite of the Barefoot Contessa herself, GelPro's anti-fatigue mats are a popular pick thanks to the half-inch gel core which provides support and helps alleviate pain. It also has a non-slip and water-resistant bottom too, so you can keep it right by the sink and not worry about slipping or spilling.

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Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma fans: This one's for you. Designed to coordinate with its best-selling dinnerware, the Honeycomb comfort mat is made of resilient PVC foam that is comfy, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes.

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With over 35,000 reviews on Amazon, the Sky Solutions anti-fatigue mat is easily the best-selling version on Amazon thanks to its stain-resistant diamond top, a wide selection of sizes, and multiple color options.

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Did you know that Amazon has a commercial line full of home-maintenance must-haves like this anti-fatigue mat? Durably constructed with high-grade foam, this affordable pick will help make even your lengthiest recipes go by pain-free.

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Another Amazon best-seller, the Gorilla Grip anti-fatigue kitchen mat is bound to become a beloved staple. Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and made with high-density ergonomic foam, we also love the number of color options available!

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For a professional-grade pick, you can't go wrong with the Cactus Mat Cloud anti-fatigue mat. Commonly found in industrial kitchens, this mat provides reliable comfort and spacious coverage for long-lasting support.