Anthropologie Just Announced a Surprise Sale on All Their Candles — Including Capri Blue

updated Mar 6, 2020
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Have you ever stepped into an Anthropologie store for some new dishes or maybe even just to browse the sale section and left without a candle? Not me. It’s ridiculously hard to resist the beautiful jars and tins of heavenly scents strategically sprinkled throughout. And as an Anthro candle collector, I have to confess the habit can quickly get expensive. That’s why I always save my big candle hauls for a sale. Like right now. Anthropologie is offering 20 percent off all candles and home fragrances for a limited time only. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on all the scents you could want, including delightful florals that are perfect for spring. We rounded up some of our very favorites from the sale below, including Anthro’s cult-favorite candle that we’re truly obsessed with.

1. Capri Blue Volcano Capiz Jar Candle

Hands down, this is one of Anthro’s most iconic candles and the reason why the stores smell so good (it’s a requirement that stores have one lit at all times). According to Anthro’s site, Volcano is a mix of “tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens”—in other words, it brings to mind exactly where you’re not and where you’d rather be. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, use this sale as an opportunity to test out other Capri Blue scents.

Buy: Capri Blue Volcano Capiz Jar Candle, $27 (normally $34)

2. Tin Chef’s Candle

Light up these adorable tinned candles just as you’re giving your countertop one last sweep before shutting down the kitchen for the day. The fresh scent of herbs and lemon will leave you invigorated, getting you and your kitchen ready for the next busy day. These tins also make for the sweetest hostess gifts!

Buy: Tin Chef’s Candle, $18 (normally $22)

3. Spring’s Eden Wrapped Glass Candle

Spring is in the air courtesy of these delightful scents from Spring’s Eden. Pomegranate Peony — which blends orange, apple blossoms, pomegranate, and chamomile with an enriched base of Oregold peach and sandalwood — sounds heavenly, but based on reviews, Coconut Milk Mango is a winner as well.

Buy: Spring’s Eden Wrapped Glass Candle, $24 (normally $30)

4. Boulangerie Jar

Nothing masks the smells of Indian cooking like a jar of Boulangerie; trust me, I know! I always have one on my kitchen counter ready to go right after a particularly spice-heavy cooking session, and although they look small, these babies quickly fill your entire space with your favorite kitchen smells (hello, Angel’s food cake). Leave it lit for an hour or two and the scent will linger, allowing you to prolong the life of your candle.

Buy: Boulangerie Jar, $14 (normally $18)

5. Voluspa Maison Mini Candle Set

Voluspa’s mini jars are ridiculously cute and a fun way to test out and pick your favorite fragrances before committing to the larger jars. Plus, they’re tiny enough to sneak into your toiletry kit during travels and also make sweet “just because I like you…” gifts for friends or a favorite co-worker.

Buy: Voluspa Maison Mini Candle Set, $19 (normally $24)

6. Floral Fragrance Jar

Probably my most favorite recent Anthro indulgence, this fragrance jar emits subtle hints of woodsy, earthy notes throughout the day, while also doubling up as decor! I have one in the bathroom and another right by the entryway, and if you close your eyes for a couple of minutes, I promise you’ll be transported to a secret forest. Pro tip: Add a few drops of essential oil every couple of weeks to keep the jar alive and kicking!

Buy: Floral Fragrance Jar, $24 (normally $30)

7. Escapist Boxed Candle

A quick trip to Santorini tonight? Or how about a stroll on a beach in Maui? Escapist candles are your cheapest one-way ticket to faraway destinations. For instance, the Maui candle has notes of sea salt, sea moss, and driftwood that evoke a rising and falling tide on a secret beach, while the Italia candle has notes of cardamom, vanilla, clove, incense, and orange blossom, with dashes of exotic spice inspired by a bustling Italian pastry shop. Yum!

Buy: Escapist Boxed Candle, $30 (normally $38)

Have a favorite Anthro candle? Let us know in the comments below!