Answers to the Strictly Scientific Spiralizer Quiz

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Should you buy a spiralizer? If yes, which one? If you took our quiz, you know that we took a very scientific approach to this dilemma. Did you tally your answers? Let’s find out if you should take a pass, dip your toe in the water with a handheld, or go all the way with the tabletop version.

If you got mostly A’s … no spiralizer for you!

You eat all the veggies you need (or want) and you don’t have little ones (kids or animals) to convince to do the same. Besides, your kitchen space is precious, and there’s no room for unitaskers — especially ones that are a pain to clean and have sharp teeth. Your itty-bitty budget is better spent on all that fresh produce you’re already consuming by the bushel.

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If you got mostly B’s … start with a handheld.

Like most of us, you feel like you could be getting your five servings of vegetables — or more! — a day if only they were a little more fun. You don’t have a huge budget or a ton of space, but you’re adventurous and not likely to cut your finger off.

The advantages of the handheld spiralizer are many, but can really be boiled down to the following: It’s easy to use and store, and oodles of zoodles can be yours for $15 or less.

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If you got mostly C’s … go for the deluxe model.

You and your friends were just talking about “zoodling” at your favorite Paleo spot and you’re ready to give the tabletop spiralizer (the 4-blade, naturally) a try. Of course, you already know just where you’ll put it — in between your immersion blender and your pressure-cooker — and once you’ve mastered noodles, which shouldn’t take long, you’re thinking cabbage slaw and cauliflower rice. The kids may even be into that last one, and couldn’t everyone benefit from more veggies in their life?

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