A New Option for Your Nespresso Machine: HiLine Coffee’s Espresso Capsules

updated May 2, 2019
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Price: $4.99 for a pack of 10 capsules

Overall Impression: A great option for your Nespresso machine.

About a year ago, I wrote a post on my love/hate relationship with the Nespresso machine. My mom got one for me as a gift, and I had mixed feelings about the waste and all-too-quick convenience of it, not to mention the fact that the pods were expensive and not easy to come by. But a few months ago, I received samples in the mail from a small coffee company based in NYC, and they’re slowly changing my mind about espresso from pods.

The Review

The first concern I had with HiLine’s pods was whether or not they’d actually fit in the machine and work properly, but there was absolutely no conflict in terms of sizing; they worked great.

My second concern was obviously quality and flavor, and I’m happy to report back that the HiLine espresso is really, really wonderful. I’ve developed a few favorites (the Central Park and Liberty dark roasts).

Favorite details: I love that the flavors are named after New York City neighborhoods and differentiated by color (Chelsea is a bold, almost fluorescent pink) and the branding is fun and a bit irreverent.

As for the sourcing of the beans? The company’s website notes: “We work with family owned small batch roasters who help us select the finest beans, roast them to perfection and pack them perfectly in capsules compatible with Nespresso machines”.

Splurge-worthy? If you already have a Nespresso machine (and love it) these pods are a good option for both selection and price. The fact that a wide variety of flavors and seasonal coffee specials are now available to those of us who openly (or secretly) love our Nespresso machines but are tired of paying $.65 a pop for each pod is a pretty cool thing. The HiLine pods cost an average of $.50 and the capsules are 100% recyclable, don’t contain BPA and are sealed with foil for freshness.

I have to say: I’m sold. I stalk their website on occasion for new specials — right now I’m looking forward to trying their Antioxidant-rich green coffee. They’re pretty good about updating their blog with new flavors, recipes, and company news so you can always check there for updates).

So, hey: if you were feeling tied down to only one espresso pod option — there’s more out there! And I’m guessing other companies may follow suit given the popularity and convenience of the Nespresso machines. I, for one, am going to go pour another cup of Central Park blend. Cheers.

Find them: Hiline Coffee Company

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