Angry Orchard’s New Cider Goes Dry

We’ve already declared our love of hard cider — the ultimate fall drink, in my opinion, not to mention the best thing to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. So many new ciders are hitting the market, from traditional takes from Vermont, to decidedly unexpected Campari-inspired twists. Here’s something new and very welcome, from Angry Orchard, one of the larger brands offering cider coast to coast. I always associated them with a sweeter style of cider, but their latest is something a little different.

(Image credit: Angry Orchard)

Here’s what Emma, our resident cider expert, has to say about this new offering:

I am a huge fan of not-so-sweet hard ciders, and I’ve been so happy to see the trend shifting in this direction — as evidenced by this newest release from Angry Orchard. Their new Stone Dry Cider is crisp, tart as a Granny Smith, and full of real apple flavor. Sipping it this fall while I make dinner and unwind from the day has been a real pleasure.

I am also a fan of cider on the drier side, so this is one to look out for.