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The Gorgeous Gourmet Chocolates I’m Gifting Myself This Valentine’s Day

published Feb 1, 2023
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Happy almost Valentine’s Day, friends! I’m excited — however, not for the Hallmark cards and romantic comedy marathons. I’m into Feb. 14 for one reason, and one reason only: the treats! Whether they be sweet, savory, or a piece of cookware in which something delicious is bound to be whipped up for a V-Day feast, I’m all about gifts that result in a “yum” over ones that lead to an “aw.” What can I say? I’m a chef, not a romantic.

And, when it comes to finding that special something for your loved one (or yourself), let’s face it: If chocolate is involved, it’s always going to be a hit. And, there’s a slew of superb options we’ve fallen in love with over the years. (If edible gifts aren’t your thing, here’s some great under-$20 finds we also can’t get enough of). But for me, it’s sweets — it’ll always be sweets. While I usually rely on my trusted, OG chocolatiers, See’s, for my Valentine’s Day fix, this year I’m switching it up. I discovered a new box of scrum-diddly-umptious treats that are just too good to not spill the tea about: andSons.

If you’re well-versed in top-tier chocolate, then you may already have the snazzy truffle makers, andSons, on your radar. Straight out of Beverly Hills, these fancy, tasty, and top-notch morsels available at the shop are well worth the moolah. The shop was started by two brothers who, as sons of a Swiss chocolatier, went to school to study chocolate and eventually inherited the shop from their mom. They reinvented the business, revamped its name, and modernized its looks — but kept all the family secrets.

Luckily for us (who live across the country and beyond), the chocolates are available on the brothers’ site, and let me tell you, there’s plenty to choose from. When it comes to love-themed boxes, there’s a section with multiple-sized packages of goodies ranging from $10 to nearly $200 (I mean, there is no better time to absolutely splurge on the stuff if you ask me). The 24 piece LOVE Chocolate box, which I whole-heartedly (no pun intended) recommend, contains 12 different flavors in both heart and traditional square shapes.

There’s no doubt that these chocolates are stunning. They’ve got the signature glossy sheen of perfectly tempered chocolate and are truly artistic endeavors — some flavors even take on a sculpture-like composition, with different colors layered atop others or swirled into a stunning tie-dye of sorts (see my photo below for reference). But, what really sets these sweets apart from the hundred of other brands out there is their flavor profiles.

Credit: Stella Totino

While the Signature Collection I tried out rotates flavors to reflect seasonality and availability, I noticed that many of the chocolates that were included in my box are also present in the V-Day boxes. I am especially partial to the Pineapple Matcha (slightly tangy, a little grassy, balanced with sugar) and Hazelnut Praline (it’s like Nutella’s classy, worldly older aunt). I mean, every single truffle I had the pleasure of tasting was a totally one-of-a-kind flavor combination and utterly delicious. The best way to explain it, I think, is that each of these chocolates are developed with the careful curation and special creativity that goes into a plated dessert at a five-star restaurant. And, as a former pastry chef, I think that’s the highest praise I could possibly award a chocolate.

But wait, that’s not everything. All the confections are crafted from transparent, sustainable and ethically produced chocolate — three boxes that should always be checked off when it comes to the sweet cacao product. Gorgeous, bold, flavorful, family-owned, and traceable? It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

So, now that you have the scoop on my new favorite Feb. 14 find, I’ll set you free. Get ready to take your taste buds to new places with these little edible art pieces. Whether a friend, family member, loved one, or yourself, is the recipient, you can rest assured that with these special treats on the menu, this V-Day is about to be the best one yet.