4 Gorgeous “And Just Like That” Kitchens — and How to Steal Their Style

published Aug 28, 2023
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And Just Like That...Season 2 - Episode 4
Credit: Craig Blakenhorn/Max

“New York is a town of renters; everybody rents,” says Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City’s fourth season. Fast-forward 22 years, And Just Like That… picks up where the former left off, and one of the most notable changes? Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) have leveled up. They’ve swapped out renting for owning, as have newcomers Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman), Lisa Todd Wexley (a.k.a LTW, played by Nicole Ari Parker), and Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury). (Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez, still rents — at least, for the moment.) 

Each residence in the reboot, from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side, is spectacular from floor to ceiling. Though one thing they’ve all got in common? Their incredible kitchens. In fact, their kitchens are so stunning that they’ve laid the perfect blueprint for anyone looking for some fresh kitchen ideas. From Charlotte’s traditional white to Carrie’s something-old-meets-something-new aesthetics, every character has you covered. Whether you’re renting or owning, it doesn’t matter. Here are six ways to channel your favorite character’s kitchens from And Just Like That…. But reader beware: There are spoilers about the second season of the show.

Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

1. Charlotte York Goldenblatt’s Park Avenue Apartment

Charlotte York Goldenblatt is the only character in And Just Like That… and Sex and The City to live at a real-life address. Located at 930 Park Avenue (again, on the Upper East Side), Charlotte first acquired the $6 million apartment after her divorce from Trey. She now resides there with her new husband, Harry, and children, Rock and Lily. 

Her conservative, refined taste has grown over the years, evolving from white and cream tones to bright, bold wallpapers. However, her kitchen remains elegant as ever. She opted for glossy white walls, a white kitchen backsplash, high ceilings, and exceptional lighting. Spotted throughout are accents of red, seen on her stovetop knobs and later in her accessories, such as a tea kettle

Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Max

2. Miranda Hobbes’ Prospect Heights Brownstone 

After ditching Manhattan for Brooklyn, Miranda, Steve, and their son, Brady, renovated a centuries-old townhouse in Prospect Heights. Now, while it’s hard to say who will (or won’t) end up with this stunning property post-divorce, for now, viewers can at least marvel at its charm. 

It oozes with historic charm that’s warm and inviting. The exposed brick and stone fireplace are surely statement-making, but the kitchen is truly something. The family-friendly space has new-and-old details; a custom-built arch over the stove, vintage-inspired light fixtures, and an alternating turquoise and brown tile kitchen backsplash. There’s also tons of space thanks to her extra-large pantry and kitchen island that have plenty of room (and snacks). 

Credit: Craig Blankenhorn / ©Max / Courtesy Everett Collection

3. Dr. Nya Wallace’s Brooklyn Loft

In one of the less “trendier” neighborhoods than her girl group, Dr. Nya Wallace’s artisan-teacher loft is in Brooklyn. Featuring exposed beams, brick walls, and a concrete floor, she luckily also has a spare room for Miranda to take refuge in while she figures out her next move. Filled with refurbished and brand-new items, the kitchen puts her gems on display. From gorgeous greenery on the ground (and ceiling!) to handmade pottery mugs, Nya’s kitchen is as warm and welcoming as you’d expect.

Credit: Craig Blankenhorn / ©Max / Courtesy Everett Collection

4. Che Diaz’s Hudson Yards Crash Pad

I don’t know how long Che’s Hudson Yards “crash pad” will last, but for now, I can’t help but love it — especially, the red solo cups her husband (played by Oliver Hudson) mixed up Carrie a drink in. (Aidan and Carrie were staying in Che’s apartment because he wouldn’t go into Carrie’s place, but that’s another story.) Aside from that, their kitchen’s dark gray and charcoal color palette, shown on their kitchen backsplash, is a nice departure from the other’s meticulously bright and clean slates. Factor in the two black chairs, and I’m calling dibs on the next drink by the former Beverly Hills hairdresser-turned-bartender.