An Unexpected Super Bowl Feast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Chips and dip, spicy wings, microbrews and jalapeño poppers. Maybe you’re a die-hard sports fan or maybe these are some of the reasons you look forward to Super Bowl Sunday. But what about something completely different for this sporting event?

In last weekend’s New York Times, Melissa Clark’s “A Good Appetite” focused on Super Bowl Sunday and how she will spend it this year. Clark writes about how it’s one of her favorite days because you can actually squeeze into previously sold-out movies or often over-packed restaurants. Folks are all hunkered down at home in front of their televisions, and a little window of opportunity opens for those of us who may not see the day as a national holiday.

Clark also talks about this year’s Super Bowl snack of choice: crumpets and marmalade. She explains, “I’ll be hosting a tea party for my toddler daughter, partying hard, lace doily style.” Messy plates of nachos will be replaced with delicate tea sandwiches and pretty bowls of mock clotted cream. Clark’s small-batch marmalade recipe is super simple, relying on Demerra sugar and not bothering with fussy jars or candy thermometers. And her free-form crumpet recipe yields flat, yeasty biscuits with crisp edges. A day to celebrate — because your favorite team is playing or because it’s a quiet Sunday and you have an excuse to linger over tea crumpets. You decide.

(Image: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)