An Ingenious Frozen Yogurt Sandwich to Serve This 4th of July

(Image credit: Stephanie Shih)

Too often 4th of July desserts are relegated to berry-laden treats. Sure, the blue and red fruit looks patriotic, but do those desserts set off flavor fireworks in your mouth? Not always.

These sandwiches combine creamy peach frozen yogurt and chewy basil snickerdoodle cookies for a unique, refreshing treat that’s sure to impress your loved ones on Saturday.

I love how this sandwich pairs bright, summery peaches and basil with an unlikely partner: warm, cinnamon-kissed snickerdoodles. It might sound wacky, but it’s really quite brilliant — you’ve got sweet, tart, savory, spicy, and a little bit of salty all rolled into one delicious dessert.

Whether you’re hosting or attending a cookout this 4th of July, make these frozen yogurt sandwiches. You (and your friends and family) won’t be sorry.

Get the Recipe: Peach Frozen Yogurt and Basil Snickerdoodle Sandwiches from Dessers for Breakfast