Meet the Rosé Wine That’s Made Me a Monogamous Drinker

published Jun 27, 2017
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Wine snobbery is not something I take part in. I don’t always taste the oak in a chardonnay, I have a hard time pronouncing the names of most fancy vineyards, and I always feel like a putz when I swirl the glass before I take a sip.

That said, I drink a lot of wine. As you may have guessed, I’m not discerning — I’ll usually drink whatever is around or whatever is inexpensive (and easily accessible) at the wine store across the street. I do like some wines more than others, of course. And there is one that I will be surrounding myself with for the rest of the summer (er, let’s be honest, year): the new rosé from Josh Cellars.

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At $14 a pop, it’s two bucks over my usual $12 limit, but I got a few bottles as a gift last year when the brand first launched a limited-edition run and I was hooked. This year, the wine is back and easily available at wine stores and even my local Target.

I’d rather spend a few extra dollars each time and get a rosé I know I’m going to be obsessed with, rather than one that’s just okay. I never thought I’d be the kind of drinker who goes into a wine store looking for just one specific bottle, but it’s happening. This wine has made me a monogamous drinker.

Buy it: Josh Cellars Rosé, $14 at Total Wine

So, what does it taste like?

“The nose is bright with aromas of fresh strawberries, white flowers, and stone fruits. On the palate, the wine is light-bodied, dry, and bursts with citrus, white peach, and strawberries, finishing with crisp, mouthwatering flavor,” the winemakers say.

I suppose I can see (read: smell and kind of taste) all of those things. In my own words: The wine is light, crisp, totally refreshing, not too sweet, and exactly what I crave when I’m sitting outside or working inside with the windows open. That said, I may or may not be having some right now …

Do you have a go-to rosé this summer?