An Impeccably Stocked and Organized French Kitchen

(Image credit: Mark Eden Schooley for Lonny)

I’d like to go on the record and say that I find it very unfair that kitchens like this exist out in the world, and they don’t belong to me. I am sure the resident cooks in these spaces are lovely and deserving, blah blah blah, but nevertheless ownership needs to be transferred to me, pronto.

Of course I’m teasing, but only by a hair. As it happens, this kitchen may not be that out of reach, because it’s actually part of a vacation rental home! (Okay, so it’s still probably a bit out of reach.) Fashion designer Julia Leach rented the home — a 19th century stone house in southwest France — with her mother, and Lonny profiled her time there. From the article it sounds like the mother-daughter duo spent all their time cooking and enjoying long alfresco dinners.

“It’s the type of house where the path from kitchen to terrace is a well-beaten one,” says Leach—while afternoons were spent meandering to nearby farms, floating in the pool, indulging in long baths in the claw-foot tub, and planning for the next feast. “The magic hour was my favorite time—I loved the golden light while we were preparing dinner and opening a bottle of wine. There’s something special about that end-of-day lead-in to a meal when you just banter and putter and cook,” says Leach.

Ahhhh. That sounds amazing. But back to the floor-to-ceiling shelves…

I love the cohesion (almost every piece is either glass or white ceramic). I love how the dishes are all lined up in a row or stacked just-so. I love how you can look at this wall and see everything. I imagine how, if I owned this kitchen (and, like I said, someone needs get working on that), I’d pare down my dishes and tools to only those I really love, or really need, so I can display them all in one shot. I’d probably add a sliding library ladder, just for good measure.

Ok. Back to life, back to reality. Did anyone else just heave a big sigh?

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