An Iced Tea Made for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers, listen up! For all those times when it’s not quite socially acceptable to break out a bottle of your favorite vino, we have a solution for you: iced tea that’s made with freshly harvested grape skins instead of tea leaves. Think of it like a wine you can drink on a Tuesday afternoon.

(Image credit: The Republic of Tea)

The Sonoma line, which was introduced at the Fancy Food Show in January, has three different iced tea varieties and one hot variety to replicate a mulled wine-type drink.

Each kind features grape skins paired with complementary dried fruits, spices, and herbs. The cabernet tea includes hibiscus flowers, blackberry leaves, and orange peel.

For anyone who prefers white wine, the Chardonnay tea includes apple, pineapple, lemongrass, and peach flavors.

And finally, if you’re still team rosé, you can try this tea which has strawberry, apple, and hibiscus mixed in with the wine skins.

Make a big pitcher of this for your next weekend afternoon gathering or baby shower.