Easy & Healthy Switch: Olive Oil for Butter in Baked Goods Fine Cooking

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Don’t get me wrong: I love a good buttery scone or crumb-topped muffin as much as the next coffee shop addict. But as we settle back into a fall baking routine, sometimes it’s nice to have the option of, well…something a bit healthier. In the most recent issue of Fine Cooking, Ellie Krieger makes the case for baking with olive oil.

Many quick breads already contain liquid fat in the form of canola oil. Krieger says that subbing more fully-flavored olive oil is a simple matter of picking up a different bottle. For butter, we want to use slightly less when substituting olive oil: three tablespoons for every 1/4 cup of melted butter.

Olive oil is one of those “good” fats. As Krieger explains, it’s a monosaturated fat with lots of antioxidants and vitamin E. It’s been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and can be a very healthy part of a regular diet.

And hey, it tastes delicious! Bonus! The fruity, spicy, and buttery notes of a mild olive oil is best in baked goods that already have a savory element, like breakfast muffins and many quick breads. Krieger particularly recommends it in her recipe for Olive Oil Pumpkin Bread.

Do you ever use olive oil in your baking?

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