What to Do With Green Tomatoes? Green Tomato Biscuits!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Depending on where you are in the country, you may be staring at a garden-full of green tomatoes right about now. When summer tomato vines stop ripening due to cooler evening temperatures, many of us are left with little else. While they’re pretty to look at, it’s tough to come up with ideas for what to do with them.

Last week, Deena Prichep wrote a piece for NPR on her Depression-era mentality and belief in not wasting whenever possible. Even when it comes to green tomatoes. Prichep recognizes people just don’t know what to do with these early fall beauties, especially after realizing that attempts to bring them inside to ripen on a windowsill are generally futile.

Instead, Prichep offers a few suggestions for inspiring recipes (from biscuits to pasta) she’s come to love that move far beyond the traditional fried-green tomato. She notes that green tomatoes are characteristically firm with a more acidic flavor than red tomatoes that makes them difficult to eat on their own. Instead, they’re fabulous to use for pickling, baking, or in your favorite sauce.

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(Image: Flickr member A Culinary Photo Journal licensed for use under Creative Commons)