An Cnoc to Tomintoul: A Scotch Pronunciation Guide

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Love drinking scotch, but hate having to stammer your way through “Bunnahabhain” when ordering at the bar? Esquire magazine and actor Brian Cox are here to help, with a handy series of videos on how to correctly pronounce the names of over 40 brands of scotch.

With Brian Cox sitting in a big leather chair, glass in hand, comfortably saying the name of each scotch, these videos make pronouncing Bruichladdich look easy. We only wish that more of the videos wrote out the names phonetically — yes, we’re nerds — and that there were fewer commercials interrupting each under-5-second video.

Other than that, we love this series — and the fact that Cox is a fellow Lagavulin fan!

Are you a scotch drinker?

(Image: Esquire)