An “Awww” Inspiring Appetizer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These savory ice cream cones nestled into salt snow are just so cute.

We watched Cheeseworks dish these up at Whole Foods Bowery last night: first, a dot of apricot preserves in the bottom of the cone, then two tiny ice cream scoops of the soft cheese, and top it off with toasted almonds.

Now, we’re inspired and a little bit obsessed: what else could be done with these mini ice cream cones? A savory mousse, something with creme fraiche, gazpacho sorbet? Looks like they used the Kid Cone from Joy.

As we Googled for inspiration, we hit this cautionary post from Food & Wine: Store-bought ice cream cones can taste like sweetened Styrofoam. Bummer. They’re right. The whimsy and the look of these cheese cones was better than the flavor, but maybe there’s a way to fix this up? Any ideas?