An Astonishing Avalanche of Cookbooks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s autumn, that wonderful time of year when publishers are scrambling to release their latest cookbooks in hopes of capturing our attention (and dollars!) as the gift-buying and feasting season revs up towards December’s big finale. This usually makes me happy, as I am generally a lover of feasts and gift-buying and cookbooks. Especially cookbooks. But even geeks like me might be taken aback at the avalanche of cooking titles pouring forth right now. Just how many can we look forward to choosing from? Read on for my astonishing discovery.

This morning I counted the number of cookbooks that are slated to be released between August and December of this year, according to this article from Eater. I counted twice and still came up with 165. And even more astonishing: when I added in the titles from the Booze and Memoir/History categories, it brought us to a whopping 195 titles. And the truth is, while it’s obvious that the person who compiled this list was quite thorough, there probably are a few titles missing, especially those from smaller publishers.

So roughly 200 food and cookery titles will be released this Fall. They can’t all be good, so how will we know which ones to choose?

Lucky for you, many of us here in The Kitchn love to review cookbooks! We’ll bravely plunge into the cookbook avalanche and hopefully emerge with a few titles to recommend. We’ll test recipes, read those introductions and recipe headnotes, evaluate the sturdiness of bindings. Ingredient lists and cooking times will be carefully scrutinized, rouge suggestions for including bacon will be thoroughly investigated. So stay tuned!

Do you plan on purchasing a cookbook this fall? What’s your cookbook review strategy? Are you excited by this abundance? Dismayed? Disgusted? Is there a title you’re especially looking forward to?

(Image: Dana Velden)