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It was rather difficult to find a game to play at my spooky colorful Halloween party. Some party games weren’t good for big groups, and others didn’t have the right kind of energy. I wanted something laid-back, but fun, and good for grownups. That’s why I decided to not pull out a traditional Halloween game. Instead, we played a party game I’ve always enjoyed: Trivia!

We split our friends into groups of three and played three rounds of questions around themes: Food, Halloween, and America. Here’s what we did — complete with printable, downloadable cards so you and your friends can play too!

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

My boyfriend James (a.k.a. Captain Kale) came up with ten questions for each round, thirty questions total. He read the questions off his phone for the party, which worked fine, but you can also make it a little more fun by downloading these Halloween-themed cards we made for the game.

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Download Our Trivia Party Game Printable PDFs

PDF Printing Instructions

Print the front of the PDFs (with the questions) and then flip the paper over in the printer and print the backs.

As far as paper goes, you have two options for printing the cards:

  • On postcards: These files are compatible with Avery 4×6 postcards 5889, 8386, 8389. Print and punch out the cards.
  • On cardstock: Print the PDF on 9×13 card stock and just cut each in half.

Tips for Playing a Trivia Game at a Party

There should be one leader of the group who reads all the questions. Then split your group of friends into equally-sized teams and have each team give themselves a name. From there, the leader will announce the theme of the first round of questions, and then read off the first question to give time for each team to confer and think of an answer. You go like this until the end of the first round.

Once you have completed the first round of questions, you pass your piece of paper with answers to the team on your right (alternating left and right for rounds). The leader will then read off the answers to each question, and your rival team will grade you +1 for each answer that is correct, zero points for answers that were wrong. At the end of the round you count up the number of points and pass the paper back.

Whichever team gets the most points for all three rounds, wins! Easy, right?

Trivia Cards Designed by
A Pair of Pears

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

I hope you have as much fun with the game as my friends and I did at my Halloween party – it’s really fun to play!

Photographed by: Alexis Buryk
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