Ample Harvest: Donate Garden Surplus to Those in Need

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tired of forcing your excess garden produce on friends and neighbors? The website Ample Harvest makes it easy for gardeners with extra produce to connect with local food pantries in need of fresh vegetables.

Food pantries are usually small-scale operations that receive donations from larger food banks. Fresh produce is often lacking, as food banks may not make frequent donations, and the pantries may not have refrigeration to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. But through Ample Harvest, food pantries can request deliveries from gardeners on certain days of the week, so the produce can be quickly distributed to recipients.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can search Ample Harvest for a local pantry, school or soup kitchen in need of canned goods or other shelf-stable foods. Or help out by spreading the word the next time a gardening friend tries to foist 10 pounds of zucchini on you.

Check it out: Ample Harvest

What do you do with excess garden produce?

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