A New Study Reveals America’s Favorite Way to Make Eggs, and the Results Might Surprise You

published Jun 4, 2022
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Small bowls of scrambled eggs
Credit: Photo: Christine Han; Food Styling: Pearl Jones
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A breakfast plate, in my humble opinion, isn’t complete without eggs. Eggs are my favorite food and I enjoy them in pretty much every form (over-easy, scrambled, soft-boiled), but what about everyone else? Food blog Pantry & Larder determined the most popular egg cooking style in every state using Google Trends data, and as a self-proclaimed egg connoisseur, even I was surprised by the results.

The blog compared the data they found for each state to the national average to figure out which egg styles are most popular. According to the analysis, boiled eggs are America’s most loved egg, with 17 states showing a strong preference for this cooking style over all others. Poached eggs are the second most popular, winning over 10 states, while omelets and fried eggs tied for third as the favorite in nine states. Scrambled eggs are the least popular cooking style, but still the favorite for five states.

Pantry & Larder dug even deeper into the boiled egg category and determined that, in general, northeast states prefer hard-boiled eggs, while southeast states prefer soft-boiled eggs. For fried eggs (which can be served over-easy, over-medium, over-well, and sunny-side-up), Pantry & Larder found that over-easy is the most popular style, winning 25 states all together. Over-medium eggs, however, are popular in western states, while northern states are partial to an over-easy egg. Florida was an outlier in preferring over-well eggs.

After reviewing the results of this egg-celent (I had to!) study, I don’t think I’ll be changing my egg eating habits, but I can understand why boiled eggs are so popular. You can make a bunch of them at a time and have them ready to eat whenever you want, and they are a must if you’re making deviled eggs or the TikTok-famous grated egg avocado toast.

So, what say you? Do you feel like this study is an accurate reflection of your state?