American Classics Re-Envisioned Bon Appétit

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Can you really improve on perfection? Bon Appétit is out to try! In their most recent issue, Bon Appétit revises classic comfort foods like beef stew, mac n’ cheese, and pizza for the 21st century. Take a look and tell us what you think of their changes!

Many of Bon Appétit’s new classics take advantage of what’s hot and trendy in the food world these days. Seasonal produce shows up in the asparagus, fingerling potato, and goat cheese “classic” pizza. Grass-fed beef gets featured in the new steak dinner. And the new chef’s salad includes artisanal cheese and the upcoming foodie favorite, charcuterie.

We beg to differ with a few of their choices, though. The thai green curry with seafood sounds fantastic, but we just can’s see this replacing our beloved chowder. Ditto on the chicken mole being the new chili.

All in all, though, this collection of new American classics has our mouths watering and our brains ticking with inspiration. Next time we feel like dressing up a favorite classic, we’ll definitely be pulling out this issue!

See the slideshow of all the dishes: The New American Classics from Bon Appétit

Do these “new classics” work for you?

(Images: Bon Appétit)