Amazon Reviewers Are Going Absolutely Bananas Over This Soft-Serve Dessert Maker

published May 20, 2022
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With Memorial Day right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before the swelteringly hot summer days arrive. If you’re like us, you’re preparing for the season by stocking up on mosquito repellents (like these amazing Madison James Flyaway Sticks several Kitchn editors swear by) and a new favorite iced coffee maker (such as the stunning cold brew carafe we want to put on display). But nothing that screams “summer” more than frozen desserts, whether that means ice cream, sorbet, or even icy cocktails.

While we love ice cream makers for concocting frozen confections at home, we know that they can be pricey. That’s why we found this fun, under-$50 soft-serve dessert maker that will keep you cool all summer long. It’s perfect for making sorbet, frozen yogurt, and more fruity desserts, and it has nearly 9,000 five-star Amazon ratings to back it up.

The Yonanas Classic Soft Serve Dessert Maker is a handy countertop appliance designed for turning frozen fruit into smooth sorbet-like treats. To use it, start with slightly thawed frozen fruit (just leave it on the counter for a few minutes), and insert it into the top of the machine. From there, it’ll blend into a soft-serve consistency dispensed right into your bowl to enjoy while you watch TV or hang out by the pool.

Thousands of Amazon reviewers rave about this machine for its ease of use, with one person even giving it “10 out of 5 stars” and gushing, “It is a true marvel of science, magically producing perfect frozen yogurt from fruit, yes that’s right, magic. It blew my mind how similar it is to real ice cream. If you had placed a bowl in front of me, I dare say I would not recognize its true composition of pure fruit.”

Reviewers with kids praise the machine for making easy, nutritious frozen treats — some even used it as a way to get their little ones to eat fruit. One customer wrote about putting frozen bananas and blueberries through the machine, then mixing them with Cool Whip and freezing into popsicle form. The result was a delicious, mousse-like treat. Yum!

Finally, many users wrote about the easy cleanup process — just disassemble and wash. “Cleaning is super easy, there are no inaccessible crevices to worry about mold or whatever building up. I’ve tried both hand washing and upper-rack dishwasher, and had no problems with either,” one reviewer wrote.

If you’re looking for a fun kitchen gadget, this Yonanas Soft Serve Maker is just what you need. Score yours now for $50, and you’ll be cooling down with your very own homemade desserts all summer long.