Amazon Finally Launched a Way to Make Shopping Lists as a Group

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If we asked you to name the most annoying things about Amazon, what would you say? The sometimes way-too-wasteful packaging? The overwhelming number of listings? The fact that you can’t collaborate on a wish or shopping list?

If you said this third thing, we have good news for you: Amazon just announced a new feature that allows customers to build shopping lists or wish lists together in one convenient location.

“With this new feature, planning and shopping on Amazon is made even easier. Making collaborative purchase decisions when it comes to household essentials, group vacations, or party planning ensures that no product is forgotten and eliminates the possibility of duplicate purchases,” a press release explains. “Collaborators can add or remove specific products, comment on products already listed, make general product suggestions, or purchase directly from the list! All you need to collaborate is your own Amazon account.”


Let’s think about this in practical terms. Let’s say you’re going on a group beach vacation and you want to know if anyone got Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies for snacking. If it was added to your group shopping list, once it was purchased, it would be removed from the “Unpurchased” tab and listed under the “Purchased” tab. If it’s still under “Unpurchased,” you know to either buy them yourself or remind your friend who was in charge of snacks.

How to Use Amazon’s New Collaborative Feature

to Invite Others to Collaborate on Your List

  1. Go to the list you want to collaborate on.
  2. Click the “+ Invite” button.
  3. Copy the link and email it to others, or click on “Invite by email” and your email will open with a pre-populated message you can send. On the Amazon App, simply tap on invite and select the channel of your choice to send the invitation.

To join a list you are invited to collaborate on

  1. Click on the link shared with you.
  • If you aren’t authenticated, you’ll be prompted to sign in/sign up.
  • If you don’t have an Amazon public profile, you’ll be prompted to create one. After creating your public profile, click again on the link shared with you to join the list.

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