This $15 Amazon Find Keeps Flying Pests Away from Food When Dining Outdoors

published Jul 26, 2021
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Credit: Jen Grantham/Stocksy

One of the best things about summer is dining outside. Whether you chow down at a picnic table under a shady tree or dig in on your deck, food somehow tastes better in the great outdoors. But with all of the things we love about open-air meals — warm breezes! starry skies! — comes a pesky problem: flies, mosquitos, and other bothersome fliers.

Enter: the Treva Bug Repellent Fan, a brilliant “didn’t-know-I-needed-it-until-I-got-it” $15 fan from Amazon. It’s surprisingly sleek (never thought I’d call a fan “pretty,” but this one is undeniably good looking), and unlike other repellers and traps, it won’t put a damper on your dinner.

How does this bug-repelling fan work? The “blades” are actually holographic ribbons designed with a pattern that refracts light and sends a “stay away!” signal to bugs and pests. There’s no need to worry about the fan ribbons near your face and fingers; they’re soft and harmless. One happy customer noted that he actually stuck his hands in the spinning blades to test their safety. All fingers in tact, he reported success. (Thank you, sir, for your brave work.)

The battery-powered Treva fan doesn’t require access to an electrical outlet, making it a great addition to your campsite. (We’ve also spied them at the alfresco tables at some of our favorite restaurants.) It runs on just two AA batteries, so there’s no need to stock up on specialty sizes. One reviewer positively noted that the fans ran for six hours straight without the need for a battery change. At about 10” tall, these must-haves are unobtrusive and easy to set up. Plus, they’ll last for years, making them an eco-friendly investment for this summer and beyond.

Unlike bug sprays and candles, this scent-free solution won’t interfere with the amazing smells coming from your plate. It’s safer than torches, virtually silent (unlike death-by-zap machines), and more sanitary than sticky bug-catching tape — not to mention, more humane to the insects. In other words, it might just be only repellent that doesn’t make you lose your appetite.

Buy: Treva FD15001 Bug Repellent Fan, $14.99