This Battery-Powered Scrubber Keeps Kitchen Tiles Grime-Free and Has More Than 11,700 5-Star Amazon Ratings

published Nov 3, 2022
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As far as flooring, bathroom walls, and kitchen backsplashes go, you can’t go wrong with tile — it looks great, it’s highly customizable, it costs way less than marble, and it’s easy to clean. Well, for the most part. Sure, if you’re cooking and accidentally get food on the wall behind your stove, you can just wipe it off. But, over time, dirt builds up, leaving a stubborn film over not just the tiles themselves, but also the grout in-between. In dealing with this problem in my own home, I’ve tried everything from Brillo pads to toothbrushes. But, unless you’re okay with scrubbing until your arm feels like it’s going to fall off, I wouldn’t suggest these methods. So, what are you to do? Well, grab your favorite cleaning agent and check out this power scrubber that Amazon shoppers can’t stop raving about.

Unlike traditional scrub brushes, this one by Rubbermaid is battery-powered and oscillates at an impressively fast speed, so you can clean while barely doing any work. It looks pretty much like an electric toothbrush, but make no mistake — this little machine is made only for the toughest surfaces. And, whereas other brushes have big heads and bristles that can’t reach tight spaces, the power scrubber’s minuscule head is the perfect size for cleaning between tiles and getting into corners. It’s no wonder why thousands of Amazon customers are so satisfied with their purchases. “I used it to clean the crevices in my paneled shower, and it worked way better than I thought,” one reviewer shared. “I have been using magic erasers, cleaning brushes, sprays — you name it. None of them worked half as well as this.” And, thanks to the brush’s soft, ergonomic grip, you can maneuver it with ease without getting tired.

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But, there’s no need to stop at tiles. It won’t be long before this tiny-but-mighty tool becomes your go-to cleaning gadget for a variety of spots around the house. “This item did not disappoint!” one reviewer delighted. “Cleans everything from dishes, to [the] garbage disposal to grout … the easiest cleaning tool I have used!” You can even purchase additional heads if the original one wears down. Plus, you have the option to include a grout and tile cleaner or The Pink Stuff cleaning paste (which customers also love) in your purchase. On its own, though, the power scrubber will cost you a little over $20 — not bad for a multi-purpose brush that leaves your tiles spotless and makes cleaning a breeze.