9 Super-Cool Sections on Amazon You Didn’t Even Realize Existed

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Amazon really does have everything. Actually, even MORE THAN everything. In addition to selling practically all the things in the world, the site also has a bunch of smart sections that are either curated super well, highlight new brands, or make it easier to find what you’re looking for. We rounded up nine sections or features on Amazon that you might not’ve known existed. Get your clicking finger ready!

The best way to describe Amazon Handmade is to liken it to Etsy. The section launched in 2015 and now features unique artisans from more than 80 countries. The crafty sellers make jewelry, baby goods, kitchen wares, and more. We’re partial to the speckled pottery and punny tea towels.

If Amazon Handmade is like Etsy, Launchpad is like Kickstarter — only no one is asking you for investment money. See, Launchpad is a place to discover the latest innovations from emerging brands. Browse around and you’ll find smart new grocery items, kitchen gadgets, tech-savvy finds, and more. There’s even a Launchpad section for inventions featured on Shark Tank. Some of the things you can expect to find there include this Ember travel mug, a K-Cup holder that actually tracks how many are left and orders more when your supply gets low, and a pressurized beer growler.

Designed mostly to help new brands, Amazon Exclusives offers merchandising and brand support for small and/or young companies. And it also creates a space for shoppers to discover something new. There’s a section for new foods, kitchen stuff, home goods, and more. Raspberry-lemon kombucha? Why not give it a try!

As the name implies, this section is filled with some of the cheapest items across all of Amazon. It’s curated nicely, too, so you don’t feel like you’re looking at garbage. Check out the best sellers, household goodies, and the home decor. We couldn’t get over the price on these planters, this basket, or this pillow cover!

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Turns out, Amazon is an open book when it comes to what’s selling. The site reports on its most popular products based on sales — it’s broken down by super-specific sections and it’s updated hourly. Wanna get your cabinets organized without spending days on end reading customer reviews? Just look to see what most people are buying and then see if it’ll work for you. When we wrote this story, this was the most popular drawer organizer.

If you get bored scrolling through the pages and pages of products on Amazon, this section may, um, interest you. Other people round up cool/cute products on little boards (like this one featuring nothing but coasters!), which you can then browse. (You can even create your own if you want to.) Heart what you love and it’ll all get saved for you to find again later.

Amazon and its sellers offer all sorts of sales. Some last for a full day (or longer) and some are just for a few hours. They’re all in one place, though, in this section. While we were reporting this story, this KitchenAid Flex Edge Beater was 49 percent off and this rotary cheese grater was marked down by 27 percent. It’s worth checking out the kitchen section to see if anything you need is on sale.

The first time you use Spark, you’ll select at least five interests you’d like to follow (cookbooks, snacks, coffee, healthy food, and baking, for example). Then, Amazon will create a feed of personalized content from other Amazon costumers with similar interests. Your feed will be populated with real, shop-able products. If you’re a paid Prime member, you can contribute to the products that are picked, too.

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So the Treasure Truck actually happens in real life, but you can go online to learn about it. In a nutshell, it’s a truck! With treasures on it! The truck drives around in 24 different cities and offers legit good deals on certain products until the truck is literally unloaded. You can sign up for updates here.

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