This $9 Amazon Find Will Solve Your Mosquito Problem Before It Even Starts

updated May 13, 2021
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If you’re a mosquito magnet, you may have mixed feelings about the warmer months ahead. After all, nothing ruins an outdoor dinner, picnic, or patio party like buzzing and biting insects. And while you’ve got a few options for keeping mosquitoes at bay, with a little planning, you can prevent them from showing up in the first place. Sound too good to be true? Just ask the thousands of customers who use these mosquito dunks from Summit to control the mosquito population where they live. The eco-friendly solution is so effective, it has an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon, where one fan calls them a “life-saver”, and another thrilled customer noted, “we can finally sit outdoors in the evening!”

The donut-shaped discs are designed to dissolve in standing water (a favorite breeding ground for mosquitoes) and contain a natural bacteria called Bti that kills developing mosquito larvae. According to the EPA, “Bti produces toxins that specifically affect the larvae of only mosquitoes, black flies and fungus gnats. These toxins do not affect other types of insects including honey bees.” Further, the dunks are non-toxic to other wildlife like pets, fish, and humans, so you can feel comfortable using them around your home. Farmers even use them in their animals’ water troughs! One reviewer shares that the dunks “worked like a charm and in only one day we noticed a huge reduction in the mosquito population in my patio. Love these bad boys!”

Whether you have a rain barrel, gutter downspout, pond, stream, or marshy area on your property, any standing water is fair game for the dunks. One happy customer notes, “I have a small container water garden and noticed mosquito larvae in it. Twenty four hours after using the Dunks, the little buggers were gone.” 

Each dunk gets to work killing larvae immediately, and lasts for 30 days, so you’ll be covered for a few weeks. And while the dunks won’t kill grown mosquitos, they’ll make a big impact on how many actually appear. “They’re just extraordinary”, says another reviewer, adding, “I wish I’d tried them years ago.”

Since Bti is also effective on gnats, some people report using the dunks to eliminate these pests on their houseplants by dissolving them in water and using this to soak the plants. One plant-lover reports, “My houseplants were infested with gnats. I had tried neem oil, cinnamon, and letting them dry out completely to try to kill any eggs/larvae in the soil.” She adds, “I put a half dunk in a gallon of water, let it sit overnight and watered all my plants with it the next day. In about a week all the adult gnats were dead and there were no new ones flying around.”

So this year, why not attack your mosquitoes before they attack you? Pick up some dunks and enjoy life outdoors this summer, with fewer bites to show for it!