Amazon Shoppers Are Raving About This Clever Find That Instantly Doubles Your Kitchen Counter Space (It’s on Sale!)

published May 5, 2022
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If you have a tiny kitchen, you know all too well that there is never enough counter space. Some of us have lots of countertop gadgets and appliances, some are frequently engaged in extensive cooking adventures (puff pastry anyone?), and we all go through daily cooking routines spent bumping elbows with family members or roommates. Luckily, thanks to loads of very enthusiastic Amazon reviewers, we found a gorgeous cutting board that solves all of our countertop space woes. Say goodbye to cramped meal prep spaces, and meet the new kitchen hack we wish we’d discovered years ago.

The Prosumer’s Choice Stovetop Cover Bamboo Cutting Board is an elevated cutting board designed to sit atop your stove. This cutting board provides extra countertop real estate, a sturdy platform for slicing and dicing, and it can also be used simply for display or storage. Designed with adjustable and removable legs for up to three inches of clearance, this board fits atop any burner, instantly adding an additional counter surface in your kitchen. When it’s not hanging out on your stovetop, you’ll be able to fit other cutting boards, placemats, or serving trays beneath it.

The raised feet also come in handy to provide vertical space. “One of my favorite features is the raised legs,” wrote a customer. “It helps me to keep from bending over while chopping and takes the strain off the back since my chopping area is lower than the rest of my counter space.” And, when it comes to durability, this thing can handle some serious chopping: “I’ve daily been using a knife on it and no cut marks,” another reviewer said.

The board is constructed with 100 percent natural, premium-grain bamboo sustainably harvested from an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). It’s not only structurally sound and light as a feather, but it’s also gorgeous. The stunning striped pattern gives it a luxurious look. “The quality of the beautiful natural bamboo is top notch at a fair price,” shared one reviewer.” It has a nice and sturdy structure and the feet adjust pretty easily.” The bonus? It also has a juice groove to trap excess liquid that might otherwise make its way onto your stove, counter, or floor.

While this board is undeniably stunning, it’s also incredibly versatile. Another reviewer wrote: “I use this whenever a floured surface is called for, like when I make scones or biscuits. It also works as a ‘hot pad’ on the dining room table for hot dishes.” Safe to put atop your stove even with the oven on, other reviewers use it as a surface for cooking appliances that are used in place of traditional burner cooking: “I wanted something I could put my instant pot on over the stove. The feet don’t get too hot while the oven is on, even with broil!” Think air fryers, plug-in griddles, slow cookers… the possibilities are endless.

No matter how you plan to use this versatile board, there was one pro tip we thought everyone should know about: Don’t forget to oil! As one savvy customer wrote, “Only use food-grade mineral oil. Where to find? Lowe’s. I got the mineral oil with beeswax, wiped it on with a sponge, left it in the sun to soak, and it looks great!”