The $11 Amazon Gadget That Creates Space for Your Dish Sponge Out of Thin Air

published Nov 29, 2022
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Credit: Lissa Gotwals

If you’ve been washing load after load of dishes after this past week of Thanksgiving meals — or you’re just generally responsible for this chore in your household — you know that you need all the sink space you can get. There’s almost nothing worse than having to dig through a heap of dirty plates in order to find the sponge or its holder that’s suctioned to the inside of the basin. Because we know what a bother this task can be, here at Kitchn, we like to share our favorite products that make the process a bit less arduous, whether that’s a brush just for your cutlery or a hands-free soap dispenser. This time around, we found something that’ll free up space in your sink and keep your sponge within easy reach. And, you don’t have to sacrifice precious counter space to include it! The LONIN sponge holder is going to be the next game-changer in your kitchen.

This 4-inch by 7-inch stainless-steel gadget attaches to your faucet with a large screw, so you can tighten it without damaging your sink and remove it whenever you want. From there, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Store your sponge and soap on its slotted surface, and hang rags and other dishwashing accessories from the small side hook. Hundreds of five-star raters can attest to how convenient this device is — even for the shower. “This is very easy to install and lightweight but study,” one reviewer noted. “This is great because it doesn’t get dirty like the plastic ones do and provides superior drainage, so you sponge doesn’t get moldy.” Indeed, one of the worst things about holders with insufficient drainage is that your sponge stays perpetually soggy, which causes it to fall apart faster than it would otherwise. But, this product keeps your scrubber far and away from constant moisture.

Another way in which the LONIN sponge holder is superior to plastic alternatives is its appearance. Made from durable stainless steel, this item will blend right in with the rest of your sink, and it won’t rust. In essence, it’s a must for renters and those living in small apartments, especially now that it’s marked down by nearly 35 percent! You’ll always know exactly where your sponge is, allowing you to work your way through the plates in your sink without a hitch. We honestly wouldn’t fault you if you got one for every faucet in your home.

Buy: LONIN Sponge Holder, $10.49 (normally $15.99)