Amazon Just Created a Smart Soap Dispenser That Counts Down Your Wash Time (So You Don’t Have To)

published Aug 4, 2021
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Credit: Amazon

Starting today, you can get your hands squeaky clean with the latest in Amazon’s smart home devices line. The brand-new wireless Smart Soap Dispenser encompasses everything we love about auto soap dispensers, but has even more features relevant to present-day needs for a stylishly future-forward approach to washing your hands.

The 12-ounce Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser makes washing your hands an immersive experience. Going beyond the average automatic dispenser, the amount of soap that comes out is determined by the distance of your hand from the nozzle. There are three levels total, and the farther away your hand, the more soap you get. While it only works with liquid soap (no foam, please!), the dispenser wants to make sure you’re washing your hands for the proper amount of time, as recommended by the CDC. There’s a built-in 20-second timer that counts down with blinking LED lights, so you know exactly how long to wash your hands before rinsing.

The timer is only part of the fun: The Smart Soap Dispenser can also be paired with a compatible Echo device to play music, share interesting facts, and even tell jokes! Whether you’re teaching kids how to wash their hands, or you’re just an adult who’s still learning how long 20 seconds actually is, including Echo in the mix can make hand washing so much more than a silent task with soap and water.

Credit: Amazon

On the back of the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser is the power button and micro-USB charging port. The battery can last up to three months on a single charge without the use of an Echo smart speaker, and a little over 2.5 months with Echo. When the time comes to clean your dispenser, it can be rinsed with water (do not submerge) or simply wipe it down with a damp or dry cloth. The sleek dispenser measures 6.1” tall and 3.65” wide at its base for easy placement by any sink in your home. 

The Smart Soap Dispenser alone retails at $54.99, and is also available in dispenser and soap bundles, such as Method Sea Minerals (34 ounces), Mrs. Meyer’s Geranium Soap (33 ounces), and Seventh Generation Scented, which includes a three-pack of Seventh Generation Hand Soap. If you’ve been thinking about replacing the hand soap pumps in your home for smarter alternatives, now’s the time to take the leap!