The $12 Amazon Find That’ll Magically Keep Bugs Out of Your Sodas, Seltzers, and More

published Jun 1, 2022
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Family eating outside.
Credit: James Jackman

Lunch on the beach, al fresco dinners, and brunch in the park are all lovely ways to enjoy a meal with friends and family. After all, eating outside is one of the bests parts of the warm summer months. That is, until the flies, mosquitos, and bees start swarming. There’s nothing worse than a off of your food and drinks (or worse, running away out of fear). Well, we’re here to share one ingenious and easy way to prevent that (formerly) inevitable turn of events. Enter: The Anti Bug Soda Can Protector. With these easy-to-use clip on attachments, you can enjoy all of your favorite canned beverages (from seltzer and beer to canned wine) without worrying about bugs trying to take a free bath in your drink.

As much as we love a refreshing beverage on a hot day, so do annoying flies — they can be like magnets toward our sugary canned drinks. Luckily, these soda can covers are really easy to use and do a great job at blocking out any unwanted intruders. To use, simply clasp it onto the can opener toggle and swivel it around over the opening to barricade away bugs (and sand or dirt). You can even put on the cover prior to opening the can, which allows for a better grip to easily pop open the tab.

They come in packs of six, 12, or even 36 (which are sure to come in handy for big BBQ bashes). Better yet, the sets come in a variety of colors, so no one will mix up their drinks at your next picnic on the beach, backyard gathering, or annual camping trip.

When we stumbled upon this brilliant Amazon find, we couldn’t help but wonder where these can covers have been all our lives. Now, whether you’re sipping on wine, beer, seltzer (or spiked seltzer), kombucha, or your favorite go-to soda, you can thank these can covers for keeping the bugs at bay.