Save Up to 44% on the High-End Food Storage Jars Our Editors Love

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Have you ever been inspired to whip up a batch of fresh cookies, only to find that your brown sugar is a rock? Or perhaps you’ve taken a bite of granola that was more, um, chewy than crunchy? The tiny cardboard flap on many boxed pantry items does little to keep contents fresh, and throwing out rancid or stale food is wasteful and costly.

So it’s no wonder we get excited when we come across an awesome innovation on an item as seemingly mundane as a storage container. The makers of the Evak Fresh Airless Storage Canister have considered all of these factors and designed the ultimate solution to our food freshness dilemma. Their patented suite of canisters are usually pretty expensive, but right now you can save up to 44% off a selection of their sleek, airtight containers on Amazon.

Evak claims that “air is the enemy,” and this is particularly true for items that are prone to stale or spoil easily, such as grains, pasta, cereal, dried fruits, and any foods that contain oils such as coffee or nuts. The plunger-style lid features a twin-valve system that displaces the air in the canister as you push it down, ensuring that any amount of food you have left will stay fresher longer.

We told you about Evak’s sleek design a few years ago, and they’ve stood the test of time. Since then, Evak has made some improvements, like giving the handle a lower profile. Additionally, they released BPA-free plastic options, which are already less expensive than the glass (and they’re the models currently on sale). The marked-down containers come in six sizes of varying widths and heights, and you can see them all here, except for the large short size, which for some reason is listed separately here (but also on sale).

The size is something to consider, because the new, lower-profile handle gives you two storage options. The three containers sizes (small, medium, and large) have different widths, so they can both stack (with the same width) or nest inside one another, freeing up even more lateral space on your shelves. If you want the ability to stack, get a variety of medium-sized containers, for example. If nesting suits your needs more, then get two or three in different heights and widths.

(Image credit: Amazon)

The design has an almost architectural feel to it, and since the canisters are clear it’s easy to view contents so you know how much you have left and when it’s time to shop. They’re even attractive enough to display in your kitchen — something you’re less likely to do with a box of cereal or pasta. If you need more proof, Evak has won four internationally recognized awards for its cosmetic design and practical functionality. We love it when we don’t have to sacrifice form for function!