3 Cute, Small Space-Friendly Appliances on Sale on Amazon Right Now

updated Apr 30, 2019
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We were already fans of DASH’s retro design and colorful range of kitchen products, but now we have another reason to shop: A few of their space-saving appliances are on sale right now on Amazon. We try not to promote anything that might be considered a one-trick pony, so your creativity is the only thing limiting you when it comes to what you make in any of these gadgets. If you need some inspiration, though, each of them comes with a convenient recipe guide.

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A big reason many of us hesitate to buy new appliances is the valuable space they can take up. This can be particularly true for air fryers, which, despite being super popular right now, also typically occupy a pretty big footprint. This compact air fryer from DASH has a slimmer, smaller-capacity design that keeps it from being an eyesore or a space hog. As with all air fryers, think of it like a tiny convection oven, which means hot air circulates to speed up cooking and ensure all surfaces get crispy. Since it’s small, it heats up quickly so you can get food on the table without needing to wait for your wall oven to heat up. This is also a bonus in warmer months when the last thing you want to do is make your kitchen any hotter.

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2. DASH Mini Waffle Maker Machine, $10, normally $15

Waffling — yes, it’s a verb — just makes everything better. By their very nature, waffles have the maximum amount of crunchy surface area of almost any food, making them a great base or simply something fun to snack on. This mini waffle maker from DASH is less than $10 and makes adorable 4-inch waffles. Try whipping up flavored waffles for breakfast, or mix a little egg and seasoning into cooked potatoes, grains, or pasta for a crunchy, savory accompaniment to your dinner. The possibilities are pretty endless, and thinking outside the box of batter is encouraged! Some reviewers report that they batch-make waffles to keep in their freezer; since they’re small, they can be reheated right in the toaster.

DASH is also offering their waffle bowl maker on sale. Using a similar technology, you can make waffle bowls to serve as a vessel for any number of sweet treats or even entrées.

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This may just look like a regular electric kettle, but it’s actually an express hot pot. You can boil water for your tea or coffee, or make soups, one-pot pasta dishes, or breakfast grains. The four-cup cooking capacity is perfect for a small household or side dishes. Since it cooks faster than a microwave and a stovetop pot, you can easily reheat leftover soup or sauce and pour directly from it into your serving bowl.