My Grandma Sent Me The Smartest Kitchen Find and Now I Use It Every Day (Bonus: It’s on Sale)

published Jul 12, 2021
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Are you a fan of cleaning up food splatter, burning your hands while taking a bowl out of the microwave, or charring your dinner table with a too-hot dish? Yeah, me neither. Well, you can thank my Nana, because she’s found you a solution to all of these problems: Safe Grabs Multi-Purpose Silicone Mats. My grandma sent me these last year when I moved into a new apartment, and I never thought I’d get so much use out of a round piece of silicone. These versatile mats function as trivets, potholders, microwave mats, splatter guards, jar openers, and more — all in one handy piece. And right now, you can score a two-pack of these Shark Tank-approved gadgets on sale for just $23.95 (normally $31.95).

The beauty of these mats is that they can do pretty much anything. They can go straight from being a microwave mat to a potholder to a trivet in one fell swoop! “These prevent me from having to use plastic wrap,” says one satisfied customer. “I also use them to pick up hot dishes, to help me open jars (use as a gripper) and as trivets for hot dishes. They are easy to clean and keep their shape. Because they are flat, they also are easy to store.” Couldn’t agree more, Marcia C.

Like many Amazon reviewers, I keep the size that fits my microwave’s turntable the best (the two-pack comes with a 10-inch size and a 12-inch size) in the microwave at all times and put my dishes on top of it for warming. Cover the bowl you’re heating up with the other mat to prevent splattering, then use the bottom mat to safely remove the hot dish. As one happy customer notes, “In the past while struggling to lift a hot dish from my microwave, I would sometimes spill some of the contents in the microwave or burn myself. Not anymore!”

Made from BPA-free food-grade silicone, these mats are dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 475 degrees, non-slip, and easy to move, thanks to the raised grooves and edges (which also ensure even heat distribution!). Plus, they’re easy to clean — each mat fits on the top rack of my dishwasher, or you can opt to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Another perk of these reusable mats is that they’re sustainable. One Amazon reviewer comments that, “These have saved me the trouble of wasting ‘tree’ products, like paper towels, and now I just rinse and the debris is gone.” I used to be the same way — I’d try to prevent splattering with a myriad of paper towels, only to have to scrub pasta sauce off of the top of my microwave afterward. Yuck.

Measuring just 10 or 12 inches across and just 0.15 inches thick, these silicone mats are a great space-saving solution. They’ve freed up drawer space and dishwasher space, since I no longer have the need for separate trivets, potholders, splatter guards … the list goes on. Right now, you can score a two-pack of these truly multi-functional mats in True Red (the color I have, just saying … ) or Purple for just $23.95. I’ll thank my Nana for you.